eligibility assistance

Eligibility Assistance

We partner with healthcare providers to reduce uncompensated care by engaging uninsured/underinsured patients and securing eligibility enrollment for Medicaid and other governmental assistance programs. Our streamlined enrollment process combines customized dynamic workflows with robust, leading-edge technology that ensures compliance and enhances reimbursement.

Full-Service Enrollment Solution approach

eligibility adovcates

We operate with a patient-friendly and customer service approach and are commitment to high-quality, measurable results and service excellence.

We tailor our approach to each client’s workflow, financial counseling processes, and strategic goals. You can utilize our experienced advocates as an on-site or off-site extension of your team.

Fully-Trained, Dedicated On-Site Staff Responsible For:

  • Verifying Medicaid Eligibility
  • Ensuring Timely Approvals - Post Discharge Follow-up
  • Assisting with ALL Accounts, ALL Balances - IP/OP/ED
  • Completing Charity Applications and Disproportionate Care Requirements
  • Continuing Education on Federal and State Regulatory Compliance and SSI/SSDI

Backed By Technology

Our Medicaid eligibility technology translate to shorter processing times, heightened accuracy, and a stronger client return on investment. 

Screening Tool

  • Screen self-pay patients for multiple-payer programs
  • Process accounts more efficiently and successfully
  • Educate the patient about their benefits

Patient Portal

  • Securely streamline communication with patients
  • Ability for patients to securely upload documents
  • Patients receive messages & alerts through portal
  • Patients receive text (SMS) message communications


  • Cloud-Based & Secure
  • Standard KPIs
    • Referrals
    • Conversions
    • Closed
    • Screened
  • Custom Hospital KPIs 

Other Eligibility Services

secondary eligibility vendor

Secondary Eligibility

We provide an experienced and dedicated team to support and improve conversions with your current eligibility practices whether they are in-house or with a primary vendor. Our services are non-intrusive to current processes.

comprehensive safety net

Comprehensive Safety-Net

After all internal and external eligibility identification processes have been exhausted our customized processes fit your existing workflow with minimal lift required. We find coverage for the additional 10% - 15% missed by most processes in front of us.