All You Need to Know from Chargemaster to Coding Denials

We have spent years building this company to provide
the best of contract coding, validation, and auditing services.

Chargemaster Services

  • Consultants have a clinical background and coding credential which ensure customers are charging every service efficiently and accurately
  • Minimum Empirical ROI is 300%
  • Comprehensive Reviews are completed in 6 weeks
  • Comprehensive on-site reviews completed with department managers to identify coding discrepancies
  • Emphasis on every line item in the chargemaster
  • Ability to offer outsourced chargemaster services
  • Geographic pricing and strategic pricing reviews
  • Maintain charge description
Stethoscope with Examine pad

Contract Coding

  • On-demand coding
  • Services for hospital provided on- or off-site
  • Historically 98% accuracy level
  • Productivity rate of ICD-10 between 90-95%
  • Experienced, domestic AHIMA credentialed
  • Coders with an average of 15 years of industry experience
  • Contract Coding helps clients ensure compliant and accurate billing.

Validation and Auditing

  • Dedicated staff of credentialed consultants, who are highly specialized in clinical coding validation
  • Over 25 years+ of experience in coding validation services
  • Auditing of pre-and post-billing coding to ensure ongoing coding accuracy and compliance
  • Coding validation significantly impacts compliance, cash flow, and revenue generated by each individual case
  • Education provided to coders and physicians, based on findings
  • Certified coders fully equipped to handle the granularity and complexity of ICD-10
  • All validators have official ICD-10 CM & PCS training and/or are AHIMA ICD-10 Certified Trainers and Managers

Coding Denials

  • Coding denials are a top issue for hospitals, costing most healthcare organizations up to 4% of their net revenue
  • Hired by hospitals to appeal claims previously denied based upon inaccurate coding or medical necessity
  • Auditing services not only recover revenue from denied claims but also works with hospitals to prevent future denials
  • Success in 92% of accounts deemed viable for appeal